Become a Partner

Our partners aren’t just financial supporters. They’re hands-on champions— our mentors, advisors, cheerleaders and friends. Together we empower students and transform futures.

Education and Higher Learning Institutions

Support Bright Futures Africa platform through sharing of scholarship information, grants or student programs.

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Corporate Partners and Major Donors

Sponsor the Brighter Futures Africa platform to ensure that application support is offered to students and remains free for educators and students to access.

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Media Partners

Help carry news about Brighter Futures Africa to communities globally and provide Brighter Futures Africa with coverage opportunities.

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Our partners join with us in our mission to provide opportunities for talented African students to pursue further education. They share in our vision for a brighter future by ensuring that every African student has equal access to further learning opportunities regardless of status, background, ability/disability or gender.


Our partnership support takes on many forms—from providing funds and sponsorship, to contributions in-kind and donated services, to program delivery and support.


In return, our partners enjoy an enhanced corporate reputation as socially-responsible businesses committed to empowering the next generation of leaders to transform the world.

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